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Shin-Tokyo Driving Academy



〒187-0032 東京都小平市小川町1丁目2364
1-2364, Ogawa-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo, 187-0032, Japan


  • 技能教習は英語、中国語対応可能です。 学科試験は英語、日本語から選択できます。
  • 技能教习可对应英文・中文。 学科考试只能选择英文・日文。
  • Có thể hướng dẫn thực hành bằng tiếng trung, tiếng anh. Bài thi lý thuyết có thể lựa chọn tiếng nhật hoặc tiếng anh.
  • Information


  • 学生プラン 283,800円(税込)
  • スピードプラン
  • 学生プラン 316,800円(税込)
  • 学生&レディースプラン 305,800円(税込)
  • 社会人プラン 316,800円(税込)

  • 【Normal car AT】
  • 学生プラン 297,000円(税込)
  • スピードプラン
  • 学生プラン  330,000円(税込)
  • 学生&レディースプラン 319,000円(税込)
  • 社会人プラン  330,000円(税込)

  • 【Normal car MT】

    For those living in Tokyo and looking to get their license in an All-English  Government registered designated driving school, you have come to the right place. Shin-Tokyo Driving Academy in Kodaira, Tokyo is for you. Here you can apply and enroll even if you do not understand Japanese. All the lessons can be taken in English!

    Shin-Tokyo Driving Academy is a commute driving school. This means that you go to the school only during your free time or whenever you can. This is different from driving camp, where you stay in the school for 2 weeks. * This school does not offer driving camp.

    Supported languages are English and Chinese. Driving lessons are also available in English and Chinese, so it is a very famous driving school for foreigners living in Tokyo.

    The karimenkyo written test and the official written test are available only in Japanese or English.

    You can also use the free shuttle bus to access the driving school.

    JR Chuo Line: Tachikawa Station, Kokubunji Station, Nishikokubunji Station
    JR Musashino Line: Shin-Kodaira Station, Nishi-Kokubunji Station
    Seibu Shinjuku Line: Ogawa Station, Higashiyamatoshi Station, Tamagawajosui Station
    Kokubunji Line: Kokubunji Station, Ogawa Station,
    Tama City Monorail Line: Tamagawajosui Station, Tachikawa Station

    It is a popular driving school with reasonable training fees and good service compared to neighboring driving schools. If you are interested in this school, please call us at 050-4560-2068. We have Japanese, English, and Chinese staff that can guide you.

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    Please feel free
    to ask.

    Business hours:
    Weekdays 9: 00-20: 00 Saturdays
    and Sundays 10: 00-19: 00

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