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It is recommended to pay your driving tuition fee with a loan! Foreigners are accepted!


For foreigners in Japan

OK! ! Let’s go to a driving school! Let’s get a driver’s license ! Even if you think like that, because the training costs are so high and your savings are not enough, or considering the future funding, it is difficult to pay, you might have to wonder if it is possible to pay in installments.

It seems that there are cases in which foreigners living in Japan give up because they think they cannot get a loan

but the truth is, it is possible for foreigners to enter a driving school by paying a driver’s license fee in a loan.

Here, we have covered all the problems associated with driver’s license loan, so if you read it, you will be able to understand about the loan examination and questions which you might hesitate to ask in face to face. We also show and explain what you should check when applying a loan.

Also, as we prepared a loan simulator, you will be able to get the images such as how much you have to pay for the interests depending on the number of payments.

You won’t have to worry about loan payments at the driving school anymore. I hope you can enjoy happier car life by applying for a loan.

Table of contents

  • 1. Can foreigners make a driver’s license loan in Japan?
  • 2. What are the conditions for making a loan?
  • 3. There are 3 ways to pay for the tuition fee
  • 4. Three reasons to recommend a loan from a credit sales company
  • 5. Loan repayment schedule: simulate your loan repayment
  • 6. Summary

1. Can foreigners make a driver’s license loan in Japan?

Even if you are a foreigner, it is possible to get a loan and enter a driving school, just like Japanese. When making a loan, it is essential to bring a documents to show where you live, such as a resident card, etc., but if you are a foreigner, you should have a Certificate of Alien Registration. Conditions such as the status of residence and registration status are different depending on the individual, but it is not impossible to make a loan if there is an identification card as described above.

2. What are the conditions for making a loan?

(A) The condition is “being in Japan for a certain period of time”. Basically, when making a loan, it is absolutely necessary that payment are finished until two months before the expire date of the period of stay stated on the work visa or the study visa. For example, if your visa expires in one year, you can splits your payment up to 10 payments (10 months).
(B)Another condition is that you have some income. You don’t need to submit an employment/income certificates. There is a working hour limit, 28 hours a week, for part-time jobs for students of international students, but these part time income is good enough.

3. There are 3 ways to pay for the tuition fee

There are cash lump-sum payments, cash installments, loan payments and credit card payments for driving school tuition payments.

(A) Cash lump-sum payment

In the case of cash lump-sum payments, you will pay the total cost at the time of entering the school. It includes the short-term and priority reservation options and the reassurance option that eliminates additional costs.

(B) Cash installments

Cash installments are generally used to divide entrance fees & classroom tuition fees, paid when you enter the school, and skill fees & examination fees, paid each time you make a reservation. In this case, the total payment is the same as a cash lump sum payment. Some schools have not adopted the cash installment method.

(C) Loan payment

1 What is a loan from a credit sales company?
Generally, the cost of acquiring a car license at a driving school is as high as 250,000 yen to 300,000 yen. There is a loan to make a license payment in installments just like there is a mortgage when buying a house and a car loan when buying a car.
2 What is the difference between cash installments and loans?
You don’t need any credit review for cash installments. On the other hand, in the case of a loan, in addition to the application procedure to the driving school, you need to apply for a loan to a credit sales company, and it is only possible to pay in installments after passing a prescribed examination. In this case, an interest fee will be charged separately from the tuition fee. Interest rate fees vary depending on the number of payments.

(D) Credit card payment

Using a credit card is popular because it has points service attached to the card. However, in the case of installments, interest fees are more expensive than loan payments. In addition, schools which accept credit cards to pay tuition fees is still limited.

4. Three reasons to recommend a loan from a credit sales company

(A) There is no need for a down payment. You can pay the full tuition fee by a loan.
(B) You can freely select the payment period /number of payment.

1. It is possible to choose up to 36 payments (3 years), so if your tuition fee is ¥ 200,000, you will pay ¥ 5,556 + interest rate every time.
2. The average number of payments for customers who are actually applying for a loan at the driving center is 13 payments and there are many who requires to divide payment into more than 12 times. It can be said that supply matches their needs.
3. It is recommended to start payment from the month following the month you graduate.

5. Loan Repayment Schedule

Lesson fee ¥ 200,000, in the case of 12 payments ¥ 200,000, in the case of 10 payments ¥ 200,000, in the case of 6 payments
Split Commission ¥ 19,000 ¥ 16,000 ¥ 9,600
Total payment ¥ 219,200 ¥ 216,000 ¥ 209,600
First payment ¥ 19,000 ¥ 21,600 ¥ 35,100
Second and subsequent times ¥ 18,200 ¥ 21,600 ¥ 34,900

6. Summary

“Please contact us if you have any questions.
I hope this article helps everyone to study about driving schools, the entrance to begin your car life.”

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