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Which is better to get a driver’s license, “Camping” or “Going to School “?


When you consider to get a driver’s license,
you may compare “driving license camp” and “driving school” style, wondering which option is more suitable for you.
In this article, we will compare pros/cons of camping and going to the nearest driving school to see which one fits best for your life style!

table of contents

  • 1. Duration
    • School: 2-3 month
    • Camping: 2 weeks
  • 2. Price
    • School: 260,000 yen – 320,000 yen
    • Camping: 190,000 yen – 340,000 yen
  • 3. Transportation Cost
    • School: exclusive
    • Camping: Inclusive
  • 4. Guarantee
    • School: No graduation guarantee
    • Camping: Graduation guarantee
  • 5. Classes
    • School: At your own schedule
    • Camping: Class everyday
  • 6. Part-time jobs
    • School: Possible
    • Camping: Impossible
  • 7. Meeting new friends
    • School: Unlikely
    • Camping: Likely
  • 8. Summary

1. Duration

At both driving school and driving license camp, you need to finish your driving training within 9 months after commencing the training, but there is a big difference in acquisition period between those two options.

● School: 2-3 month

When you make an appointment by accommodating your daily schedule, it usually takes about 2 months to 3 months to obtain a license.
In addition, the reservation is extremely difficult during the long holiday season such as Golden Week, summer vacation, winter break, spring break ….
You may have to wait for cancellations to make an appointment.
Even if you have packed lessons without any other schedule, you need at least two months to complete the course.

● Camping: 2 weeks

You willl be able to obtain a license in a short period because a training schedule is fixed already and all the training necessary for graduation are reserved for you at the time of admission.
It is possible to graduate from 2 to 3 weeks.

2. Price

The price also varies between school vs. camping
If your schedule is flexible, we highly recommend a camping option during the off season (April – July, October – January).

● School: 260,000 yen – 320,000 yen

Average is between 280,000 – 320,000 yen for tuition
The price depends on locations, schools, and programs, but most of the schools are within this price range.
If you have to re-take classes, it may cost you more, so it is important not to fail.

● Camping: 190,000 yen – 340,000 yen

The average price range is somewhere between 190,000 yen – 340,000 yen for camping
Price depends on locations, a grade of hotel, a room type such as individual or shared, seasons etc., but the average price range is 220,000 yen – 340,000 yen.
Sometimes you may find a discounted price but those may not include a meal, or you may find expensive one but with some sightseeing options

3. Transportation Cost

For a school, you must cover the cost of the transportation, but for a camping, usually the transportation is included in the cost

● School: exclusive

Most of schools do not cover your transportation.
So it is important to check the access from your home to school, the availability of a shuttle bus, and its transportation costs well in advance.
The Transportation fee is not ignorable since you might have to commute a long period of time until graduation.
The best case scenario is that you find a shuttle bus from near your house to the school

● Camping: Inclusive

The transportation fee from the major stations of the major cities will be covered (but there will be a cap.)
Unless you choose the location very far from the cities due to some recreation reason, you may able to save some costs.
Or you may want to plan some sightseeing if they provide a transportation fee

4. Guarantee

Camping guarantees a guraduation and it’s option provides extended stay and meals, if you could not pass the test.

● School: No graduation guarantee

There may be a graduation guarantee without additional fee, even you failed a class, in some schools, but usually, additional fee will be applied if you failed and repeat the same lesson.
So definitely you don’t want to fail any classes.

● Camping: Graduation guarantee

It is recommended because camping option guarantees the graduation where additional class fee does not apply even if you failed the test.
It includes extended hotels and meals.

5. Classes

● School: At your own schedule

While you can schedule at your own convenience, the reservations may not be able to take place as you wish depending on hours, and days of the week.
And a school usually have its own holiday, so you need to double check those as well

● Camping: Class everyday

Basically you are going to take classes every day until you graduate
During the camping, it is likely to have an opportunity to exchange information between students so you can effectively learn and pass the classes

6. Part-time jobs

● School: Possible

It is possible to accommodate your part-time job while going to driving school, but you have to be flexible on your schedule
Sometimes, there is a class that hard to reserve and you may have to reschedule your part-time job

● Camping: Impossible

You are going to be away from your town so you won’t be able to do any part-time job
but camping option provides you the quickest way to get a license, so it may be better to finish all at once and going back to your regular schedule after.

7. Meeting new friends

● School: Unlikely

You are going to go in and out the school so unlikely to meet new friends.

● Camping: Likely

The students come from all over the country to get a license
and if they start the same day, you will find many opportunities to take same classes and exchange information.
Those friends often remain in touch even after graduation so that you can have friends all over Japan.

8. Summary

Hope this helps you to make a wise decision.
As you see, there are some pros and cons on both school and camping options.
Please consider it according to each circumstances and conditions.

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