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If I have a driver’s license, would it be an advantage for my job hunting ?


Dear foreign students

It might be a time for you to start searching for a job. In the primary selection process for recruiting new graduates,
it is common practice in Japan to hand in a resume.

Then probably the question like, “If I write down a driver’s license as a qualification in my resume, would it be an
advantage?” might come up.

We have interviewed Mr. Oogushii, a recruitment consultant for foreign students, to answer these questions.

Depends on the industry and a type of work, there is a requirement for a driver’s license . For example, needless to
say, it is better to have it if you work for the car industry.

If you are working in the nursing care industry with day care services or the real estate industry dealing leasehold
properties, it is necessary to drive a car to pick up your customers.

If you are working in the IT industry as a customer engineer, you have to go to a customer’s house or office by a car.

Other jobs such as a sales staff in a company with branch offices throughout the country or doing route sales also need
to drive a car.

There are many companies in rural areas that requires you to obtain a driver’s license regardless of a type of job or
industry because unlike central Tokyo, transportation networks are not well developed in rural area.

In addition, even if you are looking for a job in urban area, it is preferable to obtain a driver’s license for a
business trip and future relocation.

In Japan, 80% of university students obtain a driver’s license before the graduation.

In other words, even though a company does not list a driver’s license as an job qualification, they may assume you to
have it.

Anyway, it is always better to have a qualification such as a driver’s license for your resume.

Not only in resume but it could be an advantage in job interview too. Now, there are fewer Japanese students who say “I
am good at driving a car” or “my hobby is driving” in a job interview. It means, being a car lover may attract attention
at an interview.

Besides, even if you do not use it at work, your driver’s license is a national qualification.

It is very effective as a social certificate when living in Japan for a long time.

Also, it is a useful qualification when you get married or have children in Japan

When is the best time to acquire a driver’s license?

1. Must see! For a busy foreign student who does not have much time after getting a job offer

Japanese university students are recommended to get a driver’s license during a sophomore in college before afterwards
they will be too busy with their job hunting activities and graduation assignments.

However, for international students, it is not easy to find the time to acquire a driver’s license because you need at
least 60 hours of training lessons.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to go to a training camp where you can obtain a driver’s license in 2 weeks, rather
than going to a driving school for 2 to 3 months.

It is pretty sure that you may need more time to obtain a driver’s license if you choose to go to a driving school
because if it takes a lot of time to get a job offer or your graduation assignment is taking too much time, you may not
be able to make a reservation for a lesson at the driving school. You also need to adjust your schedule of a part-time
job considering the crowdedness of the driving school reservation. Regardless to say, it is more difficult to obtain a
driver’s license after start working because it is likely to get more busy.

2. It’s better to get a driver’s license while you are a student because you can get a student discount or a special offer

To tell the truth, the lesson fee for acquiring a license is different for students and working people.

Discount rates are often applied for students, so you can obtain a driver’s license cheaper if you are a student.

The training camp is even cheaper. If you can get a special offer at the training camp, the cost could be less than
¥200,000! So let’s get your driver’s license when you are a student.

For those of you who are senior in college, you don’t have to give up.

If you participate in a training camp, you can get a driver’s license in 13 days!

When you apply for a training camp, avoid the crowded period such as February and March, just before graduation. The
special price and discounts are often available during October to January, or between the first half of April to the end
of July especially if you are in senior year in college.

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