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What is guaranteed in the training camp? Be careful with the extra cost! Four important points to check


When foreigners try to acquire a driver’s license in Japan, many people must be surprised with high tuition fee.

Meanwhile, there are many questions like below from those who are considering getting a driver’s license in the training
・ Is it possible to graduate on schedule?
・ Please tell me more about the additional cost.

In order to eliminate such anxieties, we will explain very clearly about the additional expenses that occur when you get
stuck in the lessons. We will also explain about the guarantee system in training camps.

If you read this, you will be able to understand the important points to choose a training school/camp, and all of your
worries will disappear before you enter the school/camp.

1. Price guarantee system in a training camp

If you are considering participating in a training camp and looking for some information on the websites etc., you might
have noticed that, “the training camp has a guarantee system.”
Understanding this guarantee system is very important.

If you search for the information about a training camp, you may see the phrase like “Graduate in 14 days minimum”, but
please be careful that this does not mean, “You can graduate in this number of days”.

For example, there are driving skills that you have to learn in skill training lessons and if you cannot acquire the
skill in time, you have to take extra lessons.

There are also cases that if you fail in a driving skill test or a writing exam, you cannot graduate even if your
planned schedule has passed for many days,

Basically, “additional training lessons”, “re-examination of writing exam”, “re-examination of driving skill test” will
cause additional expenses.

Moreover, if you need “extended stay” because of the failure of driving skill training, writing examination, or driving
skill test, you will be charged additional accommodation fee.

Therefore, it is very important to check your guarantee before your application. Even if the training is extended, or
even if you fail the test, if the cost of tuition is “guaranteed” and does not incur any additional costs, you will be
relieved to receive training lessons/tests without extra pressure.

There are four types of guarantee in a training camp, so let’s look at it in detail.

2. 4 types of guarantee in a training camp

(A) Guarantee for driving skill training

This is a type of guarantee, which allow you to take extra driving lessons without any charge until the limited hours
when you couldn’t acquire a certain level of driving skills in a fixed time ”
It is safe to choose “no additional charge until graduation”.

(B) Guarantee for driving skill test

There are two driving skill tests that must be taken until graduation. They are “the final exam” and “graduation exam”.
These tests are usually covered by the guarantee. You can decide the number of times for this guarantee, and within the
range of numbers you can take the exam without any additional fee.
It is safe to choose “no additional charge until graduation” here.

(C) Guarantee for writing exam

If you pass the final exam described in (B), you will take a temporary writing examination next. You need to keep taking
this exam until you pass it. Re-examination fee is 1,700 yen and it is not included in the guarantee, therefore each
re-examination will require 1,700 yen.

(D) Guarantee for accommodation and meals

If the training and exam have not been successful like described in (B) and (C), the planned graduation date will be
extended. The extension of the planned graduation date means the number of days of accommodation changes, and it costs
extra nights. However, if you have an accommodation guarantee, extended nights will not be incurred. Food expenses are
also treated in the same way. If you chose “No meals” option, extended stay will have the same meal plan.
Again, it is safe to choose “no additional charge until graduation”.

3. Check points for the accommodation guarantee

There are several things you should be careful about the accommodation guarantee.

If there is more than one accommodation plan or lodging facility at the school, the guarantee might not cover all plans.

For example, even if it says “no additional charge until graduation”, there could be a case that it only covers a shared
room plan and if you choose other plans such as a hotel plan, it may not cover all of your extended stay. There would be
a limit like “minimum stay days + xx days”.

It is recommended to confirm this point carefully.

You would have a big mental damage if it costs extra nights every time you fail in your training lessons and tests.

Also you should check the rate of hotel/accommodation for the extra nights, which will be charged when the warranty
period is over.

The rates may vary depending on the type of accommodation.

It is recommended to check these points very carefully before your apply for the school.


How was it?
Japanese licensing system is very complicated.
I hope this article will help you to choose a school.

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