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Apply for Japanese translation of driver’s license

The cost of issuing the Japanese Translation of Foreign License is 6,600 yen. It takes 5 to 6 days to issue. After the payment is completed, we will send it via mail to the address you registered.

Notice of a Translation Fee Revision

1. Revision Date: August 1, 2022
2. Details: The Translation Fee of 4,400 yen (tax included) will be increased to 6,600 yen(tax included)



Q1:Regarding the translation. How long will I receive the completed translation?

A:We will send the completed translation to you once we confirm your payment. It will take about 3~4 days from your application date.

Q2:Will the translation be delivered to my post?

A:We will send the completed translation by「letter pack」which you have to collect the document by yourselves.

Q3:If I don't have time to collect the document and storage period has expired. Will you send it to me again?

A:Yes. It is possible. But please note you will have to pay the delivery fee once the documents arrive at your end.

Q4:I have made a reservation related to the converting so I need the completed translation immediately. Will it be possible that receive the documents tomorrow morning?

A:We are turly sorry but we can not arrange the time/date to deliver the documents. Please make sure the license does not expire while applying the translation service.

Q5:I just need the translation now. Can I collect the translation at your office?

"A:It is possible once you have paid by Paypal or bank transfer. Please note you have to contact us first.
Ziplus, Co. Phone: 050-1752-6862.
※Please inform our staff that you want to ask about translation service.
※Our office is at Shibuya, Tokyo.

Q6:Is it possible to pay together with the completed translation of my family or friends?

A:It is possible. Please remember to write the name of your family or friends as well while filling out the reservation form. We will make an invoice to you then.

Q7:Is it okay to apply under the name of a proxy?

A:There is no problem. Please advise us about the address, phone of the proxy.

Q8:Will it be possible to make the translation first even though I am still abroad?

A:It is possible. Please note we can only send the completed translation to the address in Japan. Please kindly advise the name/phone/address of your proxy to us. However, we will keep the completed translation if you do not have any proxy to collect your documents in Japan. Please kindly contact us again once you return to Japan.

Q9:Can you teach me how to upload the picture of my license?

"A:Please follow the instrcutions below.
① Upload the file after compressed the picture.
② Send the picture two times above.
③ Please attached the picture via the reservation completed email.

Q10:The letters on the driver's license are almost unreadable. Can you still make a translation?

A:We will contact you by phone or email if there is any problem occupying such an address or the number of licesne is unreadable. Please contact us first after sending the application.

Q11: I left the country immediately after renewing my licnese and have not been in the issuing country for more than 3 months. Can I still apply the translation?

A:We are turly sorry but we are not able to answer the questions. Please kindly contact the police office or local driving center first.

Q12:Why I received email from ZIPLUS instead of JDL? I actually made a reservation from the official website of JDL.

A:JDL(Japan Drivers License)is a resrevation site and handled by ZIPLUS corporation. Besides, ZIPLUS also provides services such as a driving camp and commuting school.